New Facebook Page

Hello all!

A quick post to announce that finally, after many many many instances of people asking me about it, I have got around to setting up a Page on Facebook for you lovelies!

>>Find it here!<<<

And to make it easier for visitors to find me on social networks, I have replaced the boring ol’ ‘Contact’ tab with a handy drop-down menu with quick-links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and deviantART. This is step one in a gradual refresh and update of the various areas of The Radiant Glyph that have been begging for updates for some time now.

Also, my apologies for anyone who was hoping to see some things pop up on the Etsy store as I promised; unfortunately life reared up and bit us in the bum and I simply haven’t had the appropriate opportunity to sit down and get that happening. I doubt that it will happen before OZCC at the end of September, but we will see how things go.

Happy days and see you all at Oz Comic-Con Sydney!


Welcome from SMASH 2015!

Welcome to everyone who found their way here from visiting my table at SMASH! this year! Thanks to everyone who came and said hi!

Since a lot of folks were asking after my Etsy, you will find that RIGHT HERE!

Over the next few days some things will find their way into the store, such as the Pocket Parrots, Seabunnies, and the poseable baby dragons.

Doctor Who: The Price of Paradise
Doctor Who: The Price of Paradise by Colin Brake
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

One of the things I both like and dislike about these books is the shift in voice and style from author to author. It makes the series more interesting and colourful, and kinda like those Skittles where they’re one colour on the outside and a completely different flavour on the in — you really don’t know what you’re going to get until you bite into it. The arrangement’s good because it changes things up and you get a variety of talents so one or two poor showings don’t bode ill for the entire range, but I don’t like it for much the same reason — not every book is guaranteed to be an enjoyable read.

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Site Progress Incoming

Feia might not be advanced enough to have a space program, but I’m sure when the time comes, its people might be pleased with the view.

Art © me, and is part of an in-progress update.

I’ve integrated this blog with my collection and art websites now! At the moment it’s only crudely embedded while I figure out the backend of integrating wordpress with the site proper, but it’s functional and it’ll do for the time being :)

Updates: The Broken Clock

  • Menu bar has had an overhaul. Now features drop-down sub-menus instead of the ugly clunky thing I had before.
  • Upgraded to Lightbox2 with rapid-loading, so now if a visitor clicks on a thumbnail before the page is fully loaded it will not navigate to a blank page.
  • Embedded WordPress blog to main page
  • Minor interface changes (Progress about 50%; not all sections have been changed)

Broken Clock Section Updates:

  • New section added for Animaniacs! (specifically the Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko & Dot)
  • All G4 blind bag ponies I have currently have been uploaded with pictures.
  • Tales of section is now entirely up to date with new additions (Alter Altair Rita, Flynn, Luke; Tales Fesitval 2011 Yuri Necklace, Alter/Gift Plush)
  • Ho-oh has all images live (except one)
  • Bayleef + Meganium has all images live.

Review: The War of the Ember

The War of the Ember
The War of the Ember by Kathryn Lasky
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed the Guardians series. While they’re surprisingly violent for books targeted at children, I still think of them as a good, easy read and do recommend them. The first few books especially were marvelous, though I must admit my favourite part of the entire series are the three books written about Hoole and Grank (honestly I think that those three books would have been better suited to the film adaptation than the ones actually chosen, though there were problems with the film that stretched far beyond the choice of material or adaptation decay that I won’t get into here). Actually writing out the legends instead of relating them piecemeal via exposition or dialogue was an excellent idea on Lasky’s part, especially considering what came after them in the series. However, I felt that it was after To Be A King that the series really lost its momentum, and it ultimately lets this final installment down.

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I now have an account on Goodreads! (That may or may not be obvious given the auto-publish I have set up for reviews between my Goodreads account and my blog here, of course)

As I have only just set up my account there, I have no friends (Oh sadness!) so do feel free to add me. I’m hoping to use my account there to get some great recommendations for new reading material, on account of my current library being rather a little bit stale. I’ve had to resort to reading all the dusty old novels from eons back that hadn’t been seen to yet, so I think I could use some more current gems.

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