New Facebook Page

Hello all!

A quick post to announce that finally, after many many many instances of people asking me about it, I have got around to setting up a Page on Facebook for you lovelies!

>>Find it here!<<<

And to make it easier for visitors to find me on social networks, I have replaced the boring ol’ ‘Contact’ tab with a handy drop-down menu with quick-links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and deviantART. This is step one in a gradual refresh and update of the various areas of The Radiant Glyph that have been begging for updates for some time now.

Also, my apologies for anyone who was hoping to see some things pop up on the Etsy store as I promised; unfortunately life reared up and bit us in the bum and I simply haven’t had the appropriate opportunity to sit down and get that happening. I doubt that it will happen before OZCC at the end of September, but we will see how things go.

Happy days and see you all at Oz Comic-Con Sydney!


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