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Burglar Fail

I’ve decided to make my first post about something that has nothing to do with writing, history or collecting!


No, not me.


Here’s the story.

Couple of years ago, about a year after moving here, we were broken into. I interrupted the robbery, but they still made off with a few grand worth of stuff. Since then, we’ve had a handful of people that we’ve actually caught in the back yard, and some evidence of tampering with our back patio door.

And then, in the past six months, we’ve counted no less than fifteen attempts to get into the house, most via that door, some via the front. Since they’re establishing for themselves a pattern (such as, he doesn’t come on weekends), it seems that it might be the same person each time.


So herein lies my first post about Mr Burglar. He is a fail burglar because:

  • We have an alarm system which he has set off before.
  • We know about him, and we know he knows we know about him. And he knows all our neighbours know about him.
  • He keeps trying the same door, with the same tools, meeting no success.
  • He turns up relatively early in the evening, for a burglar, while everyone is still awake and running around the house.
  • He probably thinks we don’t know how he accesses the yard. We do.


From here on, when you hear about Mr Burglar via this blog, it will be in the form of his continued failure as a burglar. Despite the fact that his presence is disturbing in all the ways that having a prowler is disturbing to someone, we’ve decided to have a little fun with him in hopes of driving him off.

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