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Site Update: Broken Clock > Shiny New Things!

I’ve integrated this blog with my collection and art websites now! At the moment it’s only crudely embedded while I figure out the backend of integrating wordpress with the site proper, but it’s functional and it’ll do for the time being :)

Updates: The Broken Clock

  • Menu bar has had an overhaul. Now features drop-down sub-menus instead of the ugly clunky thing I had before.
  • Upgraded to Lightbox2 with rapid-loading, so now if a visitor clicks on a thumbnail before the page is fully loaded it will not navigate to a blank page.
  • Embedded WordPress blog to main page
  • Minor interface changes (Progress about 50%; not all sections have been changed)

Broken Clock Section Updates:

  • New section added for Animaniacs! (specifically the Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko & Dot)
  • All G4 blind bag ponies I have currently have been uploaded with pictures.
  • Tales of section is now entirely up to date with new additions (Alter Altair Rita, Flynn, Luke; Tales Fesitval 2011 Yuri Necklace, Alter/Gift Plush)
  • Ho-oh has all images live (except one)
  • Bayleef + Meganium has all images live.
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